Dogs from San Jose

"De Nacimiento Cito Hasta Su Nuevo Casas"
(from birth date to their new homes)

All of our puppies are ideal for companion pets.  We care for our puppies 24 hours a day with loving care. Below is information regarding our program on how we care for our puppies. 

On delivery date I would set up puppy nurseries with whelping boxes that are lined with padded linens for comfort. 

During the birthing process, we are present with each delivery, being next to the Dam as delivery occurs to ensure comfort to the dam and the newborn puppy for safer delivery. Hence, socialization starts immediately; touching, holding and assuring that the dam is giving them loving care.  The puppies are supervised 24 hours a day and kept clean, monitored for appropriate growth of intake of milk from the Dam. The Dam always has plenty of water, is given extra nourishment and exercise.  The first 5 days the dam is very protective of her puppies and is with them continuously giving them nourishment, keeping them clean, and taking care of them very well. When the puppies tummies get full after feeding they crawl around on the linens and sleep.

At 2 weeks of age, the puppies eyes are starting to open and at 3 weeks of age the eyes will be open and they will start to see some light but not clearly.  As they grow, their eyesight becomes clearer.  Their teeth start coming in at around 3 weeks and we will start the puppies on a semisolid puppy food to get them accustomed.  We start with once a day, and then gradually increasing to 2 times a day. By 4 weeks of age the food is then prepared thicker and in larger quantity feeding is also increased to 4 times a day.  During the feedings we are present to monitor their intake and clean them when they are messy with their food. The dam will be present also and assist with the cleaning.  At this time, they are moved to another larger area that are designed for more exercise, their whelping box are also removed for them to get more sunlight during early mornings.  During the day the puppies are continually supervised, and played with for further socialization.  

At 4 weeks of age our clients are invited to come and select their puppy by priority, if our client is far away, we will email pictures for the selection of the puppy, meeting specific requests as to the size, color, and personality. At 4 weeks also, the puppies are becoming very playful. We also start the weaning process, by reducing the number of times the Dam feeds the puppies, gradually decreasing the number to once a day and the puppies are totally weaned by 5 weeks of age.  The Dam continues to play with her puppies while we ensure that the Dam is not feeding them after that period.

At 4 1/2 weeks to 5 weeks of age we start the process of potty training by taking walks outside every 2 hours. The no-bite training begins

Crate Training begins with placing medium size crates, without the doors. This reduces stress and gets them use to the crate. This will help reduce stress on the puppy and make it easier when the puppy goes to his/her new home. 

At 5 to 6 weeks of age the puppies are introduced to the water and swimming, as long as the weather is nice and warm.  We start by walking them thru water puddles, and then will take them to the pond area for them to play.  Most of the puppies like it so well, they will start swimming around in the pond before coming to land.  Our puppy clients are welcomed to come out to socialize every 2 weeks and especially for each puppy's first swim.

At 7 weeks the puppies are ready for their new homes; but we would usually encourage clients to pick them up at 10 weeks. By the next 3 weeks they are bathed, nails trimmed (every 2 weeks after birth and before they leave) and inform our clients of “how to” care for their puppies; continue with potty training, obedience, follow-up veterinarian health checks, etc.  Always remind new owners to give the puppy security, trust, plenty of love and attention as well as getting the puppy on a routine schedule in their homes.  Documents our clients receive are 1) Full PCCI Registration Rights, 2) Health Record - includes documentation of the first vaccine, and deworming. 4) My New Puppy document that will give you information on "tips for training and caring for your new puppy". We encourage our puppy owners to give us feedback on their new member of the family and if they have questions at anytime.