Dogs from San Jose
In a dog's world, Golden Retrievers are simply the fatal attraction.
Golden Retrievers are calm, well mannered, and extremely affectionate.
Golden's love the outdoors, and they love just getting out there and doing things with you and your family.
If you include your Golden Retriever in family activities - you'll have a friend for life who will quickly grow on you over the years.


Here are some questions to ask before you consider bringing a Golden Retriever puppy into your family, so as to let you reassess how much you really are sure if its for you to want a Golden Retriever:

Have you read enough of the breed? and learned much about it?
How much are you willing to let your puppy out first thing in the morning?
How do you plan to take the hair issues like shedding if your willing to have a Golden Retriever?
Do you mind wearing some of your dog's coat over your clothes when you leave the house?
Are you committed to the health and welfare of your Golden Retriever by feeding a quality food, spending quality time with?
How would you ensure your dog's well being in terms of  protecting it with a safe environment both inside and outside your home?
Are you fine with the idea of being stepped over, be under, or have a 60-70 lb dog leaning on you?
Are you committed enough to the health and welfare of your Golden Retriever to be?