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Mocha, the not so Golden Retriever.

Diferente recuperar

I just recently adopted a new member of my troop, Mocha, which was then believed to be a “brown/chocolate Golden Retriever” (PCCI registered). She was of the same breeder where I got my female GR. She was 6 months at the time Sammee was almost ready for re-homing, and at first glance, I already fell in love with the “rare” (as worded by the owner) chocolate colored coat.

At first, I was anxious to put up a page for her due to several reasons; including her current state of dog-being, also, she was only for adoption or should I say co-ownership. She was allowed to live with me by her real owner since his job is taking much of his time. Needless to say, she was not the same “brown GR” I first saw. I took it as another challenge for me and my kennel to bring out again the old Mocha I knew. Not even hesitating I agreed to take her home with me.

I agreed it was time to put her in this site for incidents that occurred, few antics I readily observed on her during her first few days, which somehow interest me and started to ask question at the back of my mind. See, Diego is 4 years old by this time (going 5), while Sammee passed her first heat, summing up a personal experience with the GR breed of about 6 years. (Not to mention Spike-1st GR of my wife when we were gf/bf). First: my father wanted to give her a bath on her first morning here with us, however upon releasing her off the cage, she immediately ran off like a crazy dog out on the street. Luckily, together with about 20 trike drivers, Mocha returned to the same gate she escaped, willingly and in one piece (nobody was able to catch her - 21 men including my father). I never really emphasize on it since this is somewhat a tolerable incident for a new dog on her new home. Second incident came after 3 days when I released all the 3 GR on our front space for acquaintance purposes. Like any other GR, Sammee, immediately came towards Mocha trying to sniff and play with her. However, Mocha begins growling and became agitated, very untypical for the GR breed I knew. I was able to stop them for being aggressive and happily saw the typical GR breed in both of them. After few rounds of retrieving, my brother came and played with them also, until, a sudden growl from Sammee triggered Mocha. First bite was at Sam’s nozzle and a bit shallow; but the 2nd attack was discordant to that of a GR. I have never seen a GR attacked another dog like how she did. It was a same as to describe a street fight among mutts. We immediately jumped from our position and tried to stop Mocha, imagine my 190 lbs brother who was holding her upper and lower jaw, pulling and pushing oppositely. I, out of instinct (I know its stupid but what can I do!?) pushed my thumb between the spaces of the teeth  to push down her jaws. Upon release Sammee speeded away living a startled mocha with me. Still holding on to her chocker, I braced her to a sitting position, she was like a baby covering her face with her paws, as if understand every bit of words that came out of my mouth that moment. I was talking in a a firm loud voice and still somewhat confused to what happened. Hence, that night, those few question metagrobolized me lead me to search about this Brown colored Retrievers.

I came upon Yahoo! Answers: What would a brown golden retriever be called? And a correspondent lighted me with the following breeds: It could be a less common purebred. -Chesapeake Bay Retriever -Flat-Coated Retriever -Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever


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