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Perros de San Jose

Thank you for visiting our website.
I invite you to browse through and learn a little more about me and my wonderful companions for whom I entirely dedicated this site to; most especially to my dear Shih Tzu "Penny". As you look through my site, please make yourself at home, feel free to make use of my entire website and may you find valuable information on the breeds I provide. This is a family owned and operated kennel that has transformed a small portion of our household into a hobbyist haven. Our main breeds are Golden Retrievers, Shih tzus and Boxers. I seldom have puppies and dogs for sale; check back often for new postings of videos, pictures, mating plans and updates.
My name is Jene, I am based at Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines.  I have always been in loved with dogs since I could remember, and been caring for mongrels since I was a kid. If you are wondering of this certain language I'm using in most menus; it is called Chabacano; listed as a one of a number of Creole languages all over the world that is based on Spanish. Creole is a general term referring to a people, culture or language, molded by such European influences as Spanish or French. Chavacano is strictly defined in the Spanish dictionary as "dirty, clumsy, ill-formed, and vulgar." Among linguists, it is acknowledged as the distinct dialect spoken in certain parts of the Philippines such as Cavite, Ternate and Zamboanga City. As a dialect fading into oblivion, with the number of native speakers aging, moving out, or passing away. It is my honor to pass on this dying dialect to the next, who will no longer have the pleasure of hearing the peculiar blend of Tagalog and Spanish as it was once spoken by my elders.    

If you'll be asking me “Why do I prefer Dogs?” The answer is: companionship. A dog's love is always unconditional; we are always perfect in their eyes. I have also learned that dogs fulfill a human need for "affection", and they are not afraid of showing that. Most of them are free-spirited yet they thought me the true value of life and how to enjoy to its fullest.  They never question what we do even if it is unfair or unkind. They never argue, accuse or criticize. If we show them kindness they are always appreciative. When we return after an absence, their tails always wags a welcome.  

Owning (as I prefer) is always done with thoughtful planning for health as well as temperament. I don't believe that there are aggressive breeds, or stupid ones, but I know a lot of owners who are. Owning, is not just wanting something you think is cute, dogs needs their companions as well, and if you think dogs are just an accessory then maybe you don’t deserve to have one. Money will surely buy you a pretty good dog, but it won't buy the wag of his tail, thus you are missing a lot.  My dogs bring out everything good in me. From a simple feeling of being surrounded by all these precious couch potatoes, who would never miss a chance of trying to give a lick or nip, gives me the ease and worth; to the admiration of others for them at which made me realize that they put up a lot from me and just being with me. Not to mention their mushy faces whose constantly looking at me and waiting for approval, as well as for times they would all follow me around the house with their needy eyes, at which I never would have expected to find so engaging.

My kennel goal is to improve and maintain the highest working and structural qualities of each breed I own. A breeding program which focuses on the intense drives, determination, and soundness in character of each breed. Also, to share my lineage to others that has the same views about my companions, to new responsible parents, so that they too can experience the same happiness of winning a lifelong friend.

I hope to be able to contribute to the breed for years to come. That is because I consider myself an advocate for these breeds of dogs. I am also an advocate for common sense dog training and not just the latest fad that's been affecting their breeds.

    Please leave me a message.... you are most welcomed.