Dogs from San Jose

Legend of a Boxer

In the beginning was the Creation, and on the Sixth Day, after the world and the heavens were made, God created the Animals to inhabit it, in every possible variety for every possible purpose; and he created Man to have dominion over the animals. But so that Man should not be alone among the animals, He made one animal to be Man's friend--the dog. And he made the dogs in many different forms so that every man could choose his favorite companion-- large and small, tall and short, brown, black, white, spotted and striped, shaggy and smooth. And God saw that they were good. So good that He said, "I will make one dog who is supreme, one above all other dogs, who shall have beauty, strength, speed and courage blended subtly with loyalty, nobility, watchfulness and friendliness."So He took soft clay and from it fashioned the ideal dog, in the shape of a Boxer, except that, like other dogs, he had a long, sensitive, elegant nose, the very acme of noses.As He put it aside to harden, God was pleased, and said "Truly this is the perfect dog."Now although the Boxer had not hardened, he was in all other respects complete, and he heard what God said about him, which made him very proud. Therefore, as he went his way, he said to the other dogs, "I am the perfect dog, because I heard God say so. Look at me and you must admit that I am a better dog than you." The little dogs agreed at once; the medium dogs were not so sure but were not prepared to dispute the point; but the large dogs were decidedly annoyed, for were they not bigger and stronger than the Boxer? They said as much, taunting the Boxer for his size, until in a rage the Boxer hurled himself upon the largest.But Alas! He had forgotten that he was still soft, and his beautiful nose, the symmetrical perfection of all noses, was squashed flat, his smooth face was all wrinkled, and when he saw this he was very worried.Then God, who had seen all that had taken place, smiled, and said, "Because you are my favorite, you shall have only the punishment you have made for yourself. For all time you must wear your face as you have made it this day."That this is true can not be doubted, because to this day, the Boxer meets all small dogs with courtesy and will not harm them; but he has not forgiven the large dogs, and if provoked, will still hurl himself upon them in rage.