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Since time being, it is always mentioned how breeders are trying to eliminate certain faults which have been very prominent like open feet, gay tails and others. Sadly to say most advertisements of these lovely breed would indicate “square muzzle”, “well ribbed – active dogs”, “light colored”, and so much more for the intending buyers or stud-services to see and remember. Not even encouraging potential new owners to learn about its breed, and ask them if it’s the right breed for you. It’s always been stated as one of the most popular breeds with its intelligence and eager to please attitude. The AKC standard clearly mentioned a look back: that the Golden Retriever originated in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800s and was used predominantly for hunting. Now the question I’m raising is how this “new age” standard GRs would be perfect for their “known hunting capabilities” and “inborn water loving character” if, 1) long coats – how disastrous it would be if they would rush in the rivers or swamps. 2) Heavy boned “XXL” dogs – how difficult would it be if they are to retrieve or to trek a field that a smaller version would effortlessly conquer 3) lighter colored - lines that produce working type guldens’ tend to be darker in color. Remembering a result of a “founder effect” in these bloodlines, that supposedly is short and very curly.

How funny those show dog breeders now a day like to think that they’re breeding to an ancient, refined definition of a breed. It’s amazing, that I’m not the only one who thinks, that in the case of the golden retriever, they are not. I would love to see morbidity and general health survey on working-type golden’s versus show type golden.  

Once I’ve seen an article comparing the body types of those golden with that of some wild dogs (going from least related to most related to the golden), Red fox, Coyote, Wolf, and that of the dingo. Here it was asked “which of the two golden resembles these wild species most?” Nature has taken millions of years to form the dog’s skeletal structure, and in 150 years, we’ve totally wrecked it. And Golden Retrievers aren’t even the most messed up breed.


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