Dogs from San Jose
From Nous and Belle came 4 puppies, one of them was Cowslip.
Cowslip was bred to another Water Spaniel, then came Topsy. Cowslip was again bred with a Red Setter, then came Jack.
Topsy was bred with a black wavy coated retriever named Sambo, which led to the birth of of Zoe.
 Zoe was in bred to Jack, then came Gill and Nous II.
Gill was then bred with a black Retriever called Tracer, then came Quennie.
Quennie, who was then bred to Nous II producing Prim and Rose (47% Setter, 35% Lesser St. John's Newfoundland, 12% Springer Spaniel 6% Water Dog.) 


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    My name is Jene and my companions own me. With a varied background; I have been involved with their breed not long enough, but I'm here to stay. That is because I consider myself an advocate for these breeds of dogs. I am an advocate for common sense dog training and not the latest fad that appears on different breeding plans. I will improve my breed the way I know and through the ways I have learned. I can't stand anyone with a known-it-all attitude who believes that they are the pinnacle of the breeds they own and look down their collective noses at the rest of the dog world. I may have to acknowledge the importance of pedigrees but the decision to breed a dog extends beyond their bloodlines. I am not one of those self-gratifying-band-wagons of  "I'm a responsible breeder”, however, I'm also always willing to share my experiences - in the hopes that I may be of any help to others & avoid some of the mistakes I made along the way.


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