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I met this dog on the islands of El Nido, Palawan. He was resting under a shaded area, or so as I thought. He reminded me of a Corgi, however as I approached him to take a picture, I was shocked of how he would walk. At first, it seems that he was just trying to play; besides the friendly welcome he gave me, he was so eager to follow our group around the place; as sweet as he seems, I knew then he was suffering from a genetic problem.
And, so this is the closest I think it is: 
Carpal Subluxation Syndrome (CSS)
Also known as "down pasterns or subluxated pastern/hyper extended hock syndrome".
A condition where a dog will walk with the pasterns down almost to the wrist joint. This condition can be seen with or without the accompanying condtion of downed (subluxated) hocks.
This condition most commonly seen in German Shepherd puppies, but has also been seen in Shelties, Rottweilers, Labs, Malamutes and Wolfhounds.


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